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Perry Mason The Case of the Drowning Duck (TV-PG) A private investigator blackmails one of his clients to keep certain facts from surfacing in a significant case.
Matlock The Divorce (TV-PG) Matlock and Leanne are on opposite sides of a divorce case, while Leanne defends him in a suit involving serious injury in a fall from Matlock's porch.
Diagnosis Murder The Cradle Will Rock (TV-PG) When a nurse's husband is murdered, suspicion falls on the teenage co-worker, with whom she was having an affair, but Dr. Sloan has his doubts.
Perry Mason The Case of the Sulky Girl (TV-PG) A gentleman is discovered murdered, after his niece faults him for being too restrictive as the holder of her father's trust fund.
Matlock The Final Affair, Part 1 (TV-PG) Attorney Ben Matlock takes the case of the archbishop's death, involving a former football player, his scheming wife, her lover and the mob.
Diagnosis Murder Hot House (TV-PG) Mark goes on a reality show to find out how an abusive contestant was violently murdered in a house that is monitored 24 hours a day.
Perry Mason The Case of the Silent Partner (TV-PG) An orchid business owner refuses partnership from a competitor, which leads her competitor to try and swindle her husband out of his share of the business.
Matlock The Final Affair, Part 2 (TV-PG) Matlock continues his investigation of the former football player and his scheming wife in relation to the death of an archbishop.
Diagnosis Murder All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Die (TV-PG) A wedding day for a fashion designer and his partner ends in tragedy when the groom is killed via a bomb, and Mark and his team try to find the killer.
Have Gun, Will Travel Something to Live For (TV-G) After meeting a degenerate drunkard who has been robbed, Paladin tries to help the young man find something to live for by taking him along on a mission.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Moor's Revenge (TV-G) The promoter in charge of a Shakespearean play hires Paladin to make sure the audience doesn't get too rowdy, but a gunslinger causes trouble during the show.
Maverick Maverick at Law (TV-G) Bart is riding out of a small town when he discovers his saddlebags are full of money that was stolen from the town's bank, so he must find the real robber.
Wagon Train The Sakae Ito Story (TV-G) Major Adams and the rest of the wagon train come across a Samurai warrior, who is traveling west with a servant and a mysterious urn.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Respiration (TV-G) Bill teaches about respiration while jogging, biking, swimming, and scuba diving; Bill builds a model lung; Bill shows how cigarette smoke can affect lungs.
Bill Nye the Science Guy The Planets (TV-G) Bill teaches about Jupiter; Bill demonstrates Earth's elliptical orbit; Bill shows the distance between planets; Bill shows how to make soil like Mars'.
Saved by the Bell The Time Capsule (TV-G) It's 2003, and Mr. Belding and the new class find a video time capsule from the class of 1993, containing the antics of Zack and the gang.
Saved by the Bell King of the Hill (TV-G) Zack's hopeful plans to catch Kelly's romantic attention are complicated when an athletic student transfers to Bayside, where he turns heads.
Saved by the Bell Fatal Distraction (TV-G) When Kelly announces that she has no partner for the big dance, Zack and Slater struggle to best each other to see who will be able to take her.
Saved by the Bell Screech's Woman (TV-G) Zack is forced to dress up in drag in an attempt to fool Screech into believing that he has found a girl to take romantic interest in him.
Perry Mason The Case of the Angry Mourner (TV-PG) A woman can't stop her amorous neighbor's advances, but when he turns up dead it is her mother who is arrested for the murder.
Matlock The Competition (TV-PG) The evident suicide of a young piano student after losing a scholarship contest doesn't seem true to Matlock or the father of the girl who hires Matlock.
Diagnosis Murder Confession (TV-PG) Sloan and the team gets involved when a priest is accused of murdering his long-time friend, but proving his innocence may be more difficult than anticipated.
Perry Mason The Case of the Crimson Kiss (TV-PG) A man has been having an affair with another woman; later she is drugged and he is found dead and fingerprints have been found on a glass in the victim's home.
Matlock The Play (TV-PG) An actress is killed in a community theater play and the director becomes a suspect, so Matlock agrees to defend him as long as he isn't cut from the play.
Diagnosis Murder Playing God (TV-PG) Dr. Sloan goes on the search for the killer who murdered a medical student, drained the body of blood, and stashed it in the morgue.
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Perry Mason The Case of the Vagabond Vixen (TV-PG) A young attractive woman is given a ride by a Hollywood producer who has been charged with a crime that she has witnessed.
Matlock The Fatal Seduction Part 1 (TV-PG) A trail of mysterious deaths leads Matlock to a merciless extortion business; Matlock and Leanne plan to catch the culprits by using Cliff at bait.
Diagnosis Murder Less Than Zero (TV-PG) An actress's death is determined to be a heart attack caused by an eating disorder, but Mark suspects the nutritionist may have had something to do with it.
Perry Mason The Case of the Runaway Corpse (TV-PG) A man found poisoned to death, is temporarily left in his motel room by the Doctor and the police later return to find his corpse missing.
Matlock The Fatal Seduction Part 2 (TV-PG) After setting a trap for the murderers by using Cliff as bait, Matlock and Leanne become frustrated due to the fact that the two girls have flawless alibis.
Diagnosis Murder Sins of the Father, Part 1 (TV-PG) Dr. Sloan must face bad memories from his childhood after a young woman is assassinated while he is examining her, which sets off an investigation.
Perry Mason The Case of the Crooked Candle (TV-PG) Two women run into each other at a beauty parlor and find out they are married to the same man and the next morning he is found dead on his boat.
Matlock The Diner (TV-PG) Matlock thinks back on his first case in 1962, when he defended a black cook who had been accused of killing a white sheriff.
Diagnosis Murder Sins of the Father, Part 2 (TV-PG) Mark's investigation into the murder of a woman, who was shot during an examination, may lead to finding out why his father left the family.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Wager (TV-G) A man suspects that someone is trying to murder him and hires Paladin to protect him, and he proceeds to kill a gunman that followed them.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Taffeta Mayor (TV-G) A mayoral candidate employs Paladin to protect him from his aggressive opponents, but they get to him before Paladin can even arrive in town.
Maverick Red Dog (TV-G) Beau is seeking shelter in a cave from the winter when he discovers a gang of outlaws planning a heist, so he poses as an infamous outlaw to save himself.
Wagon Train The Hunter Malloy Story (TV-G) Two men planning to rob a young couple of all their money have a change of heart when they discover traces of gold along the wagon train's trail.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Plants (TV-G) Host Bill Nye explains some facts about plants, including how they breathe, how they make their own food, defend themselves, and how they spread their seeds.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Evolution (TV-G) Bill takes some time to provide viewers with a collection of explanations for a scientifically corroborated theory involving gradual changes in cell structures.
Saved by the Bell The Gift (TV-G) Screech is accidentally struck by a lightning bolt that causes him to develop psychic abilities, which his friends use to cheat on an exam.
Saved by the Bell The Lisa Card (TV-G) When Lisa's dad gives her a credit card as a reward for her good grades, she goes overboard and must find a way to pay off her hefty bill.
Saved by the Bell The Election (TV-G) Zack decides to run against Jessie in the election for Student Body President, with the secret motivation of a free trip to the capital pushing him along.
Saved by the Bell Aloha Slater (TV-G) When Slater's dad announces plans to move to Hawaii Slater confides his reservations to Zack, who can't wait to get Slater out of his hair.
Perry Mason The Case of the Negligent Nymph (TV-PG) Perry Mason ends up defending a woman, that he help rescue from the lake while on a fishing trip, of a murder charge.
Matlock The View (TV-PG) Matlock becomes a witness to a murder after he views a heated argument from his hotel window involving two theater actors and an unhappy husband.
Diagnosis Murder You Bet Your Life (TV-PG) Dr. Sloan decides to follow up on a hunch as he investigates the mysterious death of a very talented heart surgeon, which is considered an alleged suicide.
Perry Mason The Case of the Moth-eaten Mink (TV-PG) A woman is struck by a car while fleeing a man who was stalking her and the only item she left behind for evidence was a moth-eaten mink.
Matlock The Last Laugh (TV-PG) A stand-up comic is accused of murdering a fellow comic who once insulted him and his career, and it's up to Matlock to figure out the truth.
Diagnosis Murder Bachelor Fathers (TV-PG) While conducting his investigation, Dr. Sloan questions a murdered woman's twin sister, who claims that Jesse is the father of her infant son.
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