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Perry Mason The Case of the Lurid Letter (TV-PG) After a high school teacher in a small town becomes a widow, someone mails a letter reporting on her inappropriate relationships with students at the school.
Matlock The Investigation, Part 1 (TV-PG) Sam Gerald, a well know mobster, is on the verge of exposure when his estranged son is arrested for murder, but he appeals to Matlock for help instead.
Diagnosis Murder Living on the Streets Can Be Murder (TV-PG) After several homeless people turn up dead and with missing organs from their bodies, Dr. Sloan connects them all to a free health clinic.
Perry Mason The Case of the Fickle Filly (TV-PG) A man gives his daughter a gift before dying, which leads to someone buying it for its value, but when he is found murdered, she is charged with the crime.
Matlock The Investigation, Part 2 (TV-PG) When his client's family is almost caught directly in the middle of the developing mob war, Matlock discovers an inside traitor among the mobsters.
Diagnosis Murder Murder, Murder (TV-PG) When a husband is murdered by gunshot after a party held for his younger wife, Steven questions the mans estranged daughter from a previous marriage.
Perry Mason The Case of the Polka-Dot Pony (TV-PG) Two girls approach a wealthy woman to reveal they are the daughters she decided to leave behind 20 years ago due to a difficult situation arising.
Matlock The Hucksters (TV-PG) When a huckster selling a pyramid scheme is murdered, Matlock tries to convince the jury that the man accused of the murder had been framed.
Diagnosis Murder Murder in the Dark (TV-PG) Mark is concerned for his friend whose recent divorce had caused him to drink excessively, who becomes a prime suspect when one of his colleagues are killed.
Perry Mason The Case of the Shoplifter's Shoe (TV-PG) A habitual shoplifter gets tangled in a homicide case and is charged with the murder, but her concerned niece pleas with Perry Mason to defend her case.
Matlock Santa Claus (TV-PG) The residents of an apartment complex take up a collection to hire Matlock to defend a down-on-his-luck Santa who has been accused of murder.
Diagnosis Murder Santa Claude (TV-PG) Mark sets out to prove the innocence of a maintenance man at the hospital who escaped from prison after he was convicted of murdering his wife.
Have Gun, Will Travel Show of Force (TV-G) After winning fifty obsolete, worn-out rifles during a poker game, Paladin searches for a way to get rid of the seemingly worthless guns.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Long Night (TV-G) Hoping to punish his wife's murderer, a distraught rancher imprisons Paladin and two other people who may have committed the crime.
Maverick A Cure for Johnny Rain (TV-G) Bret is playing blackjack on a stagecoach when they are robbed by a colorful cowboy, so Bret tracks him and ends up encountering a man with a memory problem.
Wagon Train The St. Nicholas Story (TV-G) When the wagon train stops to make camp for Christmas Eve, a little boy sneaks off to look for St. Nicholas, but he finds an American Indian boy instead.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Do-It-Yourself Science (TV-G) Bill Nye provides instructions for how viewers can follow a scientific formula that dictates how an experiment should be envisioned and performed.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Lakes & Ponds (TV-G) Host Bill Nye explains the difference between freshwater lakes and ponds, and where they come from.
Saved by the Bell Home For Christmas, Part 1 (TV-G) Zack and the gang decide to get jobs at the Palisades mall over the holiday season; Screech and Zack make friends with a homeless man.
Saved by the Bell Home For Christmas, Part 2 (TV-G) Zack learns that the homeless man he and Screech befriended is actually the father of his new girlfriend who has just been accused of stealing.
Saved by the Bell The Mentor (TV-G) Miss Bliss comes to realize that her former professor's unorthodox teaching methods have merit, despite the fact that they are controversial.
Saved by the Bell King of the Hill (TV-G) Zack's hopeful plans to catch Kelly's romantic attention are complicated when an athletic student transfers to Bayside, where he turns heads.
Perry Mason The Case of the Bluffing Blast (TV-PG) While a young woman is searching for her estranged father, whom she has never met, she is caught in a situation, which leads her to being charged with murder.
Matlock The Lovelorn (TV-PG) A popular romantic advice columnist may have been murdered by a man who followed advice that ultimately ended his relationship.
Diagnosis Murder 35 Millimeter Murder (TV-PG) Dr. Sloan must investigate the violent murder of a call girl after a photograph mix-up; the delivery date for Amanda's baby nears.
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Perry Mason The Case of the Prankish Professor (TV-PG) When a college professor develops a novel based on the secret and scandalous lives of some of the staff at the university, he is found mysteriously murdered.
Matlock The Genius (TV-PG) Matlock's nephew is charged with murder, requiring the attorney to investigate a high-tech computer firm in order to prove his innocence.
Diagnosis Murder The Murder Trade (TV-PG) A psychiatrist expects Dr. Sloan to return the favor by offering him protection after he has murdered a woman who was pestering him, but tensions escalate.
Perry Mason The Case of the Constant Doyle (TV-PG) After a widowed attorney aids a man accused of assault during a robbery, she has to defend him against murder charges while redeeming her late husband's name.
Matlock The Magician (TV-PG) A night at the magic show with Julie leads to Matlock's involvement with a magician who has been accused of murdering his scheming assistant.
Diagnosis Murder Mind Over Murder (TV-PG) As Amanda attempts to cope with the difficulties involved in being a new mother, Jesse is attracted a beautiful psychic murder suspect.
Perry Mason The Case of the Libelous Locket (TV-PG) After attempting to vindicate one of his students charged with murder, a law professor discovers there are more details involved than originally thought.
Matlock The Fisherman (TV-PG) A Vietnamese fisherman is accused of murder when a bigoted fisherman gets killed, which leads to a run-in with the prejudiced townspeople.
Diagnosis Murder Murder by the Book (TV-PG) Mark takes in the daughter of one of his friends after her tell-all book about the city's elite puts a crazed stalker on her trail.
Perry Mason The Case of the Two-faced Turnabout (TV-PG) A columnist is charged with murder after attempting to obtain confidential materials, and an entertainment attorney takes the case in Perry Mason's absence.
Matlock The Heiress (TV-PG) Matlock allies with an insurance attorney to protect an emotionally unstable heiress currently living in a sanitarium who stands accused of murder.
Diagnosis Murder Murder, Country Style (TV-PG) Mark gets to join a grateful patient as a guest to a Country Music awards ceremony when a country star is found murdered in his trailer.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Colonel and the Lady (TV-G) At the request of a wealthy, retired colonel, Paladin travels to a desolate Nevada mining town to learn the whereabouts of a legendary saloon maven.
Have Gun, Will Travel No Visitors (TV-G) Paladin discovers a woman and her typhoid fever-ridden child abandoned by a wagon master on the roadside because he feared contamination; Paladin seeks help.
Maverick Cruise of the Cynthia B. (TV-G) After a man tricks Bret into buying a riverboat that was already sold to seven other unsuspecting owners, an unknown assailant begins killing the owners.
Wagon Train The Jasper Cato Story (TV-G) Major Adams learns that a friend, who works as a newspaper editor in a small town, may be in danger and sets off to find him before someone else does.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Storms (TV-G) Bill Nye explains how storms distribute heat around the planet, otherwise the tropical regions would to be too hot, and the sub polar regions would be too cold.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Motion (TV-G) Host Bill Nye explains relative motion and how everything needs a push or a pull to move or stop.
Saved by the Bell Fatal Distraction (TV-G) When Kelly announces that she has no partner for the big dance, Zack and Slater struggle to best each other to see who will be able to take her.
Saved by the Bell Screech's Woman (TV-G) Zack is forced to dress up in drag in an attempt to fool Screech into believing that he has found a girl to take romantic interest in him.
Saved by the Bell The Gift (TV-G) Screech is accidentally struck by a lightning bolt that causes him to develop psychic abilities, which his friends use to cheat on an exam.
Saved by the Bell The Lisa Card (TV-G) When Lisa's dad gives her a credit card as a reward for her good grades, she goes overboard and must find a way to pay off her hefty bill.
Perry Mason (TV-PG) A brilliant defense lawyer solves crime cases of various sorts with help from his staff, surprise witnesses and fierce cross-examinations.
Matlock (TV-PG) A Georgia-bred, Harvard educated defense attorney uses his team of associates to build cases in defense of his clients, and tries to find the real wrongdoers.
Diagnosis Murder (TV-PG) A prominent doctor of Community General Hospital in Los Angeles and his staff assist the police in solving difficult murder investigations.
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