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Perry Mason The Case of the Golden Fraud (TV-PG) An ambitious employer at an investment is due for a promotion, but a blackmailer is determined to sabotage his career frame him for murder.
Matlock The Fortune, Part 2 (TV-PG) Billy attempts to convince Matlock to represent him in court after becoming involved with an investment scheme that didn't turn out the way he hoped.
Remington Steele Steele Trying (TV-PG) Steele plans an intricate weekend getaway with Laura, hiring an actress to pretend her husband has trouble in San Francisco, but the ruse becomes reality.
Have Gun, Will Travel Beau Geste (TV-G) Paladin receives an anonymous request to protect an aging sheriff, whose imminent retirement has prompted several of his old enemies to come to town.
Have Gun, Will Travel Bird of Time (TV-G) After Paladin captures a wanted murderer, he must fight to make sure his captive doesn't fall victim to the wrath of a vengeful religious zealot.
Maverick High Card Hangs (TV-G) Bart and two other men have been accused of murder, and the angry townspeople demand a confession from one of the three suspects.
Wagon Train The Cathy Eckhart Story (TV-G) While investigating the disappearances of several other wagon trains, Major Adams manages to solve the mystery behind a woman's murder.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Flowers (TV-G) Comic and scientist Bill Nye presents an informative lesson in a range of subjects that include ecology, biology, chemistry and physics.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Deserts (TV-G) Host Bill Nye offers exclusive explanations and information that brings to light the different kinds of flora and fauna that are found in the world's deserts.
Saved by the Bell 1-900-CRUSHED (TV-G) Zack is overcome with jealousy towards Lisa after she begins to become more popular for her role in a hotline that offers desperate callers advice.
Saved by the Bell Driver's Education (TV-G) Zack falls back into a typical pattern of jealousy after his struggles in Driver's Ed are overshadowed by Slater's improving success.
Saved by the Bell Rent-A-Pop (TV-G) Zack hires an actor to pose as his father during a meeting with Mr. Belding; the gang decide to start up a carnival to raise money for a ski trip.
Saved by the Bell Miss Bayside (TV-G) Zack enters Screech into the "Miss Bayside" contest in an effort to win a lucrative bet with Slater; Jessie protests the pageant as sexist.
Perry Mason The Case of the Bartered Bikini (TV-PG) The swim wear sketches of a fashion designer are stolen and his chief designer is murdered also, hindering his big industry break.
Matlock The Debt (TV-PG) When her less-than-perfect ex-husband is charged with murdering his best friend and boss, Leanne reluctantly agrees to defend him in court.
Remington Steele Steele of Approval (TV-PG) Laura does a background query on a potential senatorial candidate, while Steele eludes a state investigator to keep the agency's license from being revoked.
Perry Mason The Case of the Artful Dodger (TV-PG) A man is greatly in debt to numerous people and is depending on a large inheritance sum to help pay it off, but he is beaten to death before the funds arrives.
Matlock The Revenge (TV-PG) Ben Matlock witnesses a convenience store robbery and he soon starts to think somebody is trying to set him up after a series of misfortunes.
Remington Steele Steele Searching, Part 1 (TV-PG) Steele travels to London where he is on the trail of a man who holds a clue to his past, but Scotland Yard is after Steele who has been linked to a murder.
Perry Mason The Case of the Lucky Legs (TV-PG) A beauty contest promoter offers a movie contract as the top prize, but the winner furiously confronts the promoter after learning the contract was a hoax.
Matlock The Obsession (TV-PG) Matlock is hired to defend a troubled television star who is accused of killing his therapist while he stayed at a drug rehab center; his dreams seem to help.
Remington Steele Steele Searching, Part 2 (TV-PG) Steele is confronted by his ex-mentor and is coerced into posing as an assassin sent to murder the Earl of Claridge, who could possibly be his estranged father.
Perry Mason The Case of the Violent Village (TV-PG) A paroled man is constantly persecuted by the townspeople for a murder he was responsible for in the past and the victim's sister desperately wants revenge.
Matlock The Divorce (TV-PG) Matlock and Leanne are on opposite sides of a divorce case, while Leanne defends him in a suit involving serious injury in a fall from Matlock's porch.
Remington Steele Steele Blushing (TV-PG) When Laura's photo appears in an adult magazine, their investigation leads them to a photographer who is chased by clients and the FBI for doctoring images.
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Perry Mason The Case of the Frantic Flyer (TV-PG) Perry is hired to prove a women's late husband didn't commit fraud before a plane crash took his life, which segue ways into a whole slew of bizarre events.
Matlock The Competition (TV-PG) The evident suicide of a young piano student after losing a scholarship contest doesn't seem true to Matlock or the father of the girl who hires Matlock.
Remington Steele Grappling Steele (TV-PG) Laura and Steele are hired to protect a popular professional wrestler that has received several death threats and keeps having mysterious "accidents".
Have Gun, Will Travel Memories of Monica (TV-G) Years after a sheriff captured a criminal and married his girlfriend, the criminal returns with a vow to get revenge for the lawman's transgressions.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Predator (TV-G) While Paladin is transporting a captured fugitive across a barren desert, they stop at a shack inhabited by two children, who are being threatened by marauders.
Maverick Shady Deal at Sunny Acres (TV-G) A crooked banker swindles $15,000 from Bret that he won in a poker game, so he creates a complex con to embarrass the banker and recover his stolen money.
Wagon Train The Horace Best Story (TV-G) Major Adams is preparing to lead his next wagon train west when he is approached by a young man claiming to be a distant cousin of his.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Heart (TV-G) Comic and scientist Bill Nye presents an informative lesson in a range of subjects that include ecology, biology, chemistry and physics.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Inventions (TV-G) Comic and scientist Bill Nye presents an informative lesson in a range of subjects that include ecology, biology, chemistry and physics.
Saved by the Bell Zack's War (TV-G) Zack carries on as if he is capable of smooth-talking his way through every situation, until Mr. Belding forces him to spend time with a demanding soldier.
Saved by the Bell Model Students (TV-G) Zack and the gang gain control of the student store, but lackluster business prompts Zack to lure students with pictures of the girl's swim team.
Saved by the Bell Running Zack (TV-G) Zack brushes off concerns about his lackluster grades until another failed test brings forth the very-real threat of expulsion from the Bayside Track Team.
Saved by the Bell House Party (TV-G) When Screech's parents leave for a trip to Graceland, Screech's rowdy party ends up breaking an expensive and beloved Elvis statue.
Perry Mason The Case of the Wayward Wife (TV-PG) A best-selling author's book about his experience as a POW is nothing more than a sham and someone is threatening to expose him unless he coughs up the dough.
Matlock The Final Affair, Part 1 (TV-PG) Attorney Ben Matlock takes the case of the archbishop's death, involving a former football player, his scheming wife, her lover and the mob.
Remington Steele Forged Steele (TV-PG) Steele awakens in a room with no memory of the past 36 hours, but upon returning to the agency, he is told he drunkenly gambled away the agency in a poke game.
Perry Mason The Case of the Prudent Prosecutor (TV-PG) DA Burger puts the fate of a good friend in hands of one his adversaries as Perry takes over when Burger recluses from the case.
Matlock The Final Affair, Part 2 (TV-PG) Matlock continues his investigation of the former football player and his scheming wife in relation to the death of an archbishop.
Remington Steele Corn Fed Steele (TV-PG) Laura and Steele go undercover on a luxury airline to find out why a hired assassin was found murdered on the baggage carrousel at the airport.
Perry Mason The Case of the Gallant Grafter (TV-PG) An embezzling accountant is murdered at the height of an intense corporate power struggle and the primary suspect is a business rival caught in mix.
Matlock The Play (TV-PG) An actress is killed in a community theater play and the director becomes a suspect, so Matlock agrees to defend him as long as he isn't cut from the play.
Remington Steele Premium Steele (TV-PG) While visiting in Los Angeles, a garlic farmer sees his own obituary in the newspaper and hires Steel and Laura, who investigate and find an insurance scam.
Perry Mason The Case of the Wary Wildcatter (TV-PG) An oilman has murdered his wife and is now being blackmailed for his oil profits by a wildlife photographer who captured the incident on film.
Matlock The Fatal Seduction Part 1 (TV-PG) A trail of mysterious deaths leads Matlock to a merciless extortion business; Matlock and Leanne plan to catch the culprits by using Cliff at bait.
Remington Steele Coffee, Tea, or Steele (TV-PG) Laura and Steele go undercover on a luxury airline to find out why a hired assassin was found murdered on the baggage carrousel at the airport.
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