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Programs for WBNG-DT3 on Tuesday, September 19, 2017
11:30 PM
Perry Mason The Case of the Black-Eyed Blonde (TV-PG) A case involving a wealthy man's long lost son derives from a meeting he has with a beautiful blonde bearing a black-eye.
12:30 AM
The Twilight Zone The Jeopardy Room (TV-PG) A Soviet officer and former political prisoner hides out in a hotel room while attempting to defect to America, but he is being tracked by a ruthless assassin.
1:00 AM
Alfred Hitchcock Presents An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge (TV-PG) During the Civil War, a confederate prisoner is taken to a bridge to be hanged for his connection with the South, but before being executed, his rope breaks.
1:30 AM
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Graduating Class (TV-PG) A woman takes a job teaching literature at a girl's school where she discovers that one of her students is secretly married but agrees to keep it disclosed.
2:00 AM
Mannix Edge of the Web (TV-PG) A graduate student finds himself accused of murder when an anthropology professor is found dead after denying the student his degree.
3:00 AM
Cannon The Island Caper (TV-PG) An ex-convict wants to go straight, but is being blackmailed into performing one more bank job; he comes to Cannon, who put him in jail years before, for help.
4:00 AM
77 Sunset Strip 5, Part 1 (TV-PG) A private eye who works out of an office at 77 Sunset Strip in Hollywood as his cases lead him all over the world.
5:00 AM
Highway Patrol Retired Gangster (TV-PG) Dan Matthews takes up the job of protecting a former crime boss who is scheduled to testify before a grand jury.
5:30 AM
The Donna Reed Show Nothing But the Truth (TV-G) Donna decides that she's going to throw a birthday party for a young student at the military academy, but he soon confesses that it really isn't his birthday.
6:00 AM
The Facts of Life Bought and Sold (TV-PG) Blair sells cosmetics and uses Natalie as a model; everyone is in for a surprise when the company she works for makes a surprise appearance at Eastland.
6:30 AM
The Brady Bunch Pass the Tabu (TV-G) Greg competes in a surfing competition, but he wears Bobbys taboo idol and wipes out; they learn of an ancient superstition surrounding the idol.
7:00 AM
The Beverly Hillbillies Jed's Temptation (TV-G) Jed continues to enjoy the time he's spending with Phyllis, but Granny tries to stop their dates and inform Jed about her true intentions.
7:30 AM
My Three Sons Dublin's Fair City, Part 1 (TV-G) When Bub ends up buying a winning raffle ticket, he uses the prize money to take the entire Douglas family to Ireland to meet his relatives.
8:00 AM
Leave It to Beaver Beaver's Poster (TV-G) Beaver has a school project due and Ward declines to do it for him.
8:30 AM
Leave It to Beaver Mother's Helper (TV-G) A pretty girl helps June with the cleaning chores and Wally develops a crush on her.
9:00 AM
Perry Mason The Case of the Torrid Tapestry (TV-PG) After spending years in prison for a crime he did not commit, a man searches for the person actually responsible for the crime to prove his innocence.
10:00 AM
Matlock The Target (TV-PG) Ben, Cliff and Jerri go over some of their old cases to find out who might have wanted to kill Matlock after a boat he was supposed to be on explodes.
11:00 AM
Diagnosis Murder Vanishing Act, Part 1 (TV-PG) Steve is framed for murder by crooked cops when he interferes with their robbery operation; Jack visits some old friends to gather information.
12:00 PM
The Big Valley A Flock of Trouble (TV-G) Nick accepts sheep as a payment for a debt and he finds himself being harassed for choosing to keep them around.
1:00 PM
Gunsmoke Buffalo Hunter (TV-PG) Marshal Matt Dillon and his trusted deputy use their six-gun skills and wits to maintain law and order in the rough and tumble Old West town of Dodge City.
1:30 PM
Gunsmoke The Choice (TV-PG) Marshal Matt Dillon and his trusted deputy use their six-gun skills and wits to maintain law and order in the rough and tumble Old West town of Dodge City.
2:00 PM
Bonanza Bank Run (TV-G) Ben puts Joe in charge when Ben and Adam must leave on business, and Joe chooses a radical fix for the banker's fake panic foreclosure scheme.
3:00 PM
The Rifleman The Prodigal (TV-G) To ensure that his sickly mother is happy, an outlaw uses force to make Lucas and Mark go along with the charade that he is the one who owns Lucas' ranch.
3:30 PM
The Rifleman The Fourflusher (TV-G) Because a sharecropper needs much more money than he has to buy his farm from its owner, he signs up his colt in a horse race with hopes to win.
4:00 PM
Wagon Train The Beth Pearson Story (TV-G) When Major Adams encounters a beautiful widow who reminds him of a woman from his past, he quickly finds himself falling love with her.
5:00 PM
T.J. Hooker Raw Deal (TV-PG) Hooker and Romano trace a family man with no convictions who was dealing cocaine to a crooked club owner's sinister plot to coerce innocent people into crimes.
6:00 PM
Hawaii Five-0 Once Upon a Time, Part 2 (TV-PG) McGarrett and Woodson take Freemont to court in order to prove that she is an unscrupulous quack and that her so-called miracle cures are nothing by lies.
7:00 PM
M*A*S*H A Full Rich Day (TV-PG) Hawkeye records a letter to his father and includes information about an injured Turkish soldier who proves to be a problem patient.
7:30 PM
M*A*S*H Mad Dogs and Servicemen (TV-PG) Hawkeye and Trapper defy Frank to help a soldier suffering from hysterical paralysis, and Henry goes in search of a possibly rabid dog that bit Radar.
8:00 PM
The Andy Griffith Show Stranger in Town (TV-G) Barney and Andy become suspicious of a stranger in Mayberry because he knows a lot about the town's people, and Barney believes the stranger is a spy.
8:30 PM
The Andy Griffith Show Mayberry Goes Hollywood (TV-G) Everyone in Mayberry goes wild when a Hollywood film crew decides to use Mayberry as the setting for a movie because of the town's unique charm.
9:00 PM
Mama's Family Have It Mama's Way (TV-PG) Mama and Bubba become co-workers when they are both offered jobs at a fast food restaurant, but their working relationship is less than ideal.
9:30 PM
ALF Live and Let Die (TV-Y) After the family's cat dies, they forbid ALF from consuming its remains, but when the Tanners attempt to appease his appetite, ALF is left with a difficult.
10:00 PM
Hogan's Heroes Hogan and the Lady Doctor (TV-G) Hogan cancels his plans for a caper due to the risks involved, however he is overruled and is forced to participate in the very same plan against his will.
10:30 PM
Hogan's Heroes The Swing Shift (TV-G) Hogan and his fellow Prisoners of War go undercover at German workers with an elaborate and foolproof plan to blow up a Germany factory cannon.
11:00 PM
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Tom Smothers (TV-G) Harvey holds his ventriloquist dummy liable for all his bad luck; Tom's recovery takes a bad turn when his family brings their problems during a visit.
11:30 PM
Perry Mason The Case of the Terrified Typist (TV-PG) An accused murderer, of a man thrown from a pier, is reluctant to reveal a key witness that could possibly prove his innocence.
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