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Programs for WICZ-ION on Monday, February 19, 2018
12:00 AM
NCIS: Los Angeles Impact (HD, TV-PG) Hetty calls Nate Getz to help Sam and Deeks cope with their trauma and return to the field; the team investigates the death of an Admiral and a journalist.
1:00 AM
NCIS: Los Angeles Omni (HD, TV-14) The NCIS team must find the culprit responsible for compromising a vaccine project from a local biotech company; Deeks struggles with emotions as he returns.
2:00 AM
psych 1967: A psych Odyssey (TV-PG) Shawn and Gus look into the 1967 murder to find out the truth, while Juliet gets news that will challenge her relationship with Shawn.
3:00 AM
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3:30 AM
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4:00 AM
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4:30 AM
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5:00 AM
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5:30 AM
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6:00 AM
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6:30 AM
Through the Bible with Les Feldick (TV-G) Bible teacher Les Feldick, an Oklahoma rancher who teaches by the Holy Spirit's guidance, presents lessons that are free of denominational bias.
7:00 AM
psych Heeeeere's Lassie! (TV-PG) Detective Lassiter can think of no one else to figure out the strange set of occurences in his new condominium building except Shawn and Gus.
8:00 AM
psych Shawn and the Real Girl (TV-PG) When a reality TV personality is nearly killed, he decides to hire Shawn and Gus to discover the identity of the person who wants him dead.
9:00 AM
psych Let's Doo-Wop It Again (TV-PG) When the prominent leader of an at-risk youth program is found shot to death, Shawn and Gus must seek help from the members of Gus' former a cappella group.
10:00 AM
NCIS: Los Angeles Reznikov, N. (HD, TV-14) The Los Angeles NCIS team find themselves placed in danger while investigating the kidnapping of a man who has claimed to be Agent Callen's father.
11:00 AM
NCIS: Los Angeles Unwritten Rule (HD, TV-14) The girlfriend of a former Navy officer is abducted in exchange for Navy intelligence; Deeks unwittingly violates one of Hetty's rules.
12:00 PM
NCIS: Los Angeles Big Brother (HD, TV-14) Callen goes undercover at a prestigious local high school after a 15-year-old hacker ends up compromising a mission to find a drug lord.
1:00 PM
NCIS: Los Angeles The Livelong Day (HD, TV-PG) The team must notify Homeland Security during a murder investigation that ends up exposing a larger threat to a Los Angeles-based train.
2:00 PM
NCIS: Los Angeles Fallout (HD, TV-14) The team must hunt down a thief who has stolen an anti-terrorism device before it is used to attack the city; the case brings out someone from Hetty's past.
3:00 PM
NCIS: Los Angeles Recovery (HD, TV-14) Kensi disguises herself as a nutritionist and Deeks goes undercover as a new patient at a rehabilitation center to investigate the death of a Navy officer.
4:00 PM
NCIS: Los Angeles The Frozen Lake (HD, TV-14) Callen and Sam enlist the help of a Nepali soldier in order to retrieve a missing thumb drive; Kensi and Deeks struggle to find a balance in their partnership.
5:00 PM
NCIS: Los Angeles Iron Curtain Rising (HD, TV-14) The NCIS team must hunt down a former Romanian Communist wanted for war crimes who is living in Los Angeles under a false identity.
6:00 PM
NCIS: Los Angeles Merry Evasion (HD, TV-14) The team tries to figure out the motive behind an attack on a senator's daughter while Deeks and Nell partner up to ensure her safety.
7:00 PM
NCIS: Los Angeles Allegiance (HD, TV-14) Kensi and Granger reunite with the NCIS Los Angeles team after the murder of a federal agent is connected to an ancient money transfer system.
8:00 PM
NCIS: Los Angeles War Cries (HD, TV-14) After a pair of military contractors are found murdered, the NCIS team's investigation drives a suspect to endanger a member of the team; Sam sets Callen up.
9:00 PM
NCIS: Los Angeles Tuhon (HD, TV-14) The murder of a diplomat leads Sam and Callen to travel to Mexico on the hunt for a retired assassin who was also involved in their first case as partners.
10:00 PM
NCIS: Los Angeles Fish Out of Water (HD, TV-14) The team partners with an undercover DEA agent to determine if an explosion at a fish market is a terror attack or a botched drug smuggling deal.
11:00 PM
NCIS: Los Angeles Between the Lines (HD, TV-14) After an undercover agent is executed by a local gang, the team hunts for a mole in the agency; Granger begins to worry about Kensi's disappearance overseas.
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